Our Aims

Our aim in creating this website was to provide valuable information to DCTs (dental core trainees) who are entering hospital posts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) from dental practice. There is an exceptionally steep learning curve and a large number of medical components to being a DCT. Similarly in many units, DCTs do not provide cover overnight for patients on the wards therefore this website can be used a guide for other health care professionals providing overnight cover such as ENT staff.

Using our information

All the information provided on this site is merely an overview of the specialty. All users are recommended to do further reading on the topics discussed. The information provided is to be used as a guide only. Treatment protocols vary extensively between hospital trusts. Therefore, you should always seek to act in compliance with your own trust protocol. Our content has been produced by dual qualified specialty registrars (dentally and medically qualified) and DCTs (dentally qualified). References for our images and information provided can be found at the bottom of each page. With regards to clinical images, we have obtained permission to use these images from their original authors.
We do not accept any liability for the misuse of the material presented and the content provided by referenced sources.
Please remember to always consult your own registrars and other members of staff for clinical decision making and raising concerns.

Access and Funding

This website has been designed to be used freely by medical and dental professionals only. The information provided is not to be interpreted or used by the general public. We have not received any funding nor are we supported by anyone financially. The website has been created strictly for educational purposes and we do not profit from it.