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OMFSHO was created from my experience as a dental core trainee (DCT) at a major trauma centre. Most dentists come into a DCT role in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) from dental practice. There is an incredibly steep learning curve with a large medical component. Therefore we wanted to pool our experiences to try and ease this transition. This site represents an accessible, concise pocket guide to working in OMFS at a junior level. It also seeks to provide guidance for other medical specialties such as ENT who commonly cover us out of hours. Within this site, we cover all the major sub-specialties from oncology to major head and neck trauma and acute dental emergencies. We hope you find our content useful!

Asad Ahmed BDS, MFDS

Author, website creator and developer. Graduated from Barts and the London with a BDS in 2018. Currently in medical school. After reflecting on my experiences as a DCT, I wanted to create a resource which would always be accessible to ease the transition into working in OMFS at a junior level.

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